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Health care falls to fourth among hot presidential topics

When it comes to the topics that the presidential candidates should discuss, according to voters, health care falls to fourth, behind the economy, Iraq, and gas prices. These findings were reported in a recent Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll.

Nearly half of voters (47 percent) say the economy is the top issue they want to hear discussed, followed by the war in Iraq (40 percent). The proportion who want to hear about gas prices — 25 percent — more than doubled since April. Health care follows closely.

It’s worth noting, however, that health care remains the third most mentioned issue among Democratic voters, with 28 percent saying they want to hear the candidates talk about it, compared to just 14 percent of Republicans and 21 percent of independents.

What two issues would you most like to hear the presidential candidates talk about? (open-ended, top four responses shown for registered voters)

Percentage of registered voters who named health care as one of the top two issues they would like to hear the presidential candidates discuss

Source for both: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Election 2008


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