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Enrollment in managed care Medicaid at highest level

Total membership in Medicaid managed care plans grew by 9.7 percent from June 2008 to September 2009, according to an analysis by Mark Farrah Associates (MFA), a data aggregator and publisher of health plan market data. That growth outpaced the increase in total Medicaid enrollment for the same time period.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports that 46 million people were enrolled in Medicaid programs in June 2008, and at that time, more than 21 million (46 percent) were covered by comprehensive Medicaid managed care plans. By September 2009, managed care enrollment grew to more than 23 million Medicaid beneficiaries, according to MFA’s analysis. Interestingly, states with heavy commercial involvement in Medicaid programs had significant increases in Medicaid managed care.

The analysis cites Hawaii, South Carolina, and Ohio as prime examples of this growth.

Leading Medicaid managed care companies

Source: Mark Farrah Associates. Health Plans See Growth in Medicaid. March 2010

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