Oy Vey!

A Cartoonist’s Take on Managed Care

“How often do you have this pre-existing condition?”

“I’ve been under a lot of pressure to get well.”

“I’m putting you on a stronger placebo.”

“The technology’s in place.
Now all we have to do is misuse it.”

“I’m softening my position on the spending binge the doctors have planned for my health care.”

“You didn’t fill in the part that would make it incredibly easy to steal your identity.”

P.C. Vey was born, raised and currently lives in New York City with his wife, Tina. He sold his first cartoon to the New Yorker in 1993 and has been a regular contributor since. His work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Barron’s, National Lampoon, Playboy, AARP Bulletin, Managed Care, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. He has had three collections of cat cartoons published by Penguin/Plume and has contributed to many books of cartoons on a variety of subjects.

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