Election 2016

A High Stakes Game For Health Care’s Major Players

Peter Wehrwein

So far, health care hasn’t gotten much attention in an election year amped up on presidential candidates’ personalities and character, immigration, and trade issues.

But insurers, pharma, hospitals, doctors, employers, seniors — all the major players in health care — know they’ve got a lot at stake in this election.

Most obviously, the fate of the ACA will be determined. Some — that’s you, pharma and large hospital systems — have prospered under the law after having a major hand in shaping it. Others — small hospitals, some doctors — have struggled.

The ACA looms large but isn’t the only game in town. Insurers are eyeing pending antitrust decisions; hospitals, mushrooming consolidation; doctors, MACRAfication of their practices; employers, the Cadillac tax.

Some may be more reluctant than others. But in 2016, if you’re a health care player, you’ve got to say, “Deal me in.”

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