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Long wait time to see an ob/gyn

Getting an appointment with a new physician is a waiting game, especially when it comes to ob/gyns, according to research by Athenahealth published in December.

Women who were new patients waited an average of nearly 24 days to be seen by an ob/gyn, according to Athenahealth’s report, which was based on 2016 appointment data from 13,000 providers.

Waiting—but it’s no game

Average wait time for new patients’ first appointment, in days

Source: Athenahealth, “New Patient Access: Lead Required to Schedule Appointments,” October 2017

In contrast, the new-patient wait to see an orthopedist was, at 13 days, almost half as long.

Waits for first appointments with primary care physicians, pediatricians, and cardiologists fell in between those two extremes.

Athenahealth counted new patients as people who were either new to the practice or hadn’t had an appointment in three years.

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