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Our Yearlong Look: Emergency Care Examined
Joseph Burns
They are touted as an alternative to emergency departments. Private companies are seeing an opportunity. But are urgent care centers meeting a demand or creating one?
Susan Ladika
CAR-T treatments are all the rage and showing some remarkable results. But the high price, along with the lack of long-term results, quiets the optimism.
Jan Greene
New federal regulations are pushing for interoperability, but insurers say the 2020 deadlines are unrealistic.
Emergency Care Examined
Robert Calandra
Doctors returning home from World War II knew that critically ill or injured patients had a better chance of survival if they were treated in a hospital. In 1976, emergency medicine became the country’s 23rd recognized medical specialty. A lot happened between points A and B.
Cover Story
Peter Wehrwein
It is a high-tech wonder and the product of generations of heavy investment in trauma care. But the emergency department is also the backdoor of the American health care system—a kind of open wound that is symptomatic of deficiencies of how American health care is organized, delivered, and paid for.
Jan Greene
It is a heroic part of the American health system. Lives are saved, the dire consequences avoided. But the air ambulance industry is consolidating, prices are soaring, and insurers and providers continually fight over network issues. One consequence: Surprise billing that leaves patients owing tens of thousands of dollars.
Thomas Reinke
Effective treatment has helped curb the epidemic, but practical cures have been elusive, notwithstanding last month’s news about a bone-marrow transplant.
The Value Proposition: On-site Health Clinics
Jan Greene

The clinics range in size from a nurse who shows up in a mobile unit a few hours per week to a large-scale, full-service health clinic with multiple primary care providers and clinicians who can provide dental and vision care.