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Value-based agreements between insurers and drugmakers have gotten a lot of attention lately, but device makers, including those that make continuous glucose monitors, are also making deals with insurers that tie payment to how the device performs. Suzanne Winter Suzanne Winter, vice president of…
Howard Wolinsky
The days of painful fingerpricks to measure blood sugar levels with glucometers finally may be over for many patients with diabetes, especially for the 1.2 million Americans with type 1 diabetes but also for at least 1.75 million patients with type 2 diabetes who control their condition by self-injecting…
Howard Wolinsky
At first patients didn’t care that much. Then the monitors improved, and studies showed improved outcomes. But CMS wouldn’t cover them unless they had a ‘nonadjunctive’ indication. Now some envision a time when fingersticks will be a thing of the past for many people with diabetes.
Book Review
Peter Boland
The authors of Understanding Value-Based Healthcare are respected clinicians and professors. Christopher Moriates, MD, of the University of California–San Francisco; Vineet Arora, MD, of the University of Chicago; and Neel Shah, MD, of Harvard Medical School quoted Donald Berwick, MD, an Obama era…
Value-Based Tools
Michael D. Dalzell
A report detailing clinic-level cost and quality of cancer care in Washington State is a first—adding its own stamp on efforts to measure value in oncology.
Bob Hough
Bob Hough
Geisinger’s goal is to be not just one of the top health care organizations, but one of top organizations among all the companies in the United States.
Cover Story
Jan Greene
Genetic testing has taken off and may usher in a new era of genetically tailored health care. Insurers are figuring out how to cope with the avalanche of information. Could genetic counselors as standalone practitioners be part of the answer?