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The Value Proposition: On-site Health Clinics
Jan Greene

The clinics range in size from a nurse who shows up in a mobile unit a few hours per week to a large-scale, full-service health clinic with multiple primary care providers and clinicians who can provide dental and vision care.

The Value Proposition: Centers of Excellence
Joseph Burns

The Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ three years ago named Mount Sinai Health System as a preferred provider for participants and started a direct contract for those needing hip and knee replacement surgeries. In health care there are not many examples where each party succeeds. This is one of them.

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This is the squishy-sticky part in a study published last month in Lancet Public Health: “[T]axes on sugar-sweetened beverages, and restriction of advertising for calorie-dense food and soft drinks have yet to be implemented broadly, despite growing empirical evidence for their effectiveness.” Can…
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It turns out that addressing the social determinants of health can be good for primary care physicians as well as patients—if there’s a social worker or pharmacist on the care team. It also helps with burnout problems if the clinic is part of a patient-centered medical home. “It is not surprising…
Book Review
Devi Shetty, MD
Hospitals in India deliver quality care at a fraction of the cost of their American counterparts. This book argues that their ‘culture of frugality’ yields lessons worth learning.
Russel Kaufman, MD, FACP, FCCP
When genetic testing goes overboard, we all lose.
Lola Butcher
By some counts misdiagnosis leads to up to 80,000 hospital deaths each year—and results in billions in wasted medical spending. Lack of feedback and miscommunication are among the causes. Researchers, advocates, and others are pushing for changes and ‘diagnostic excellence.’
Peter Wehrwein
Blue Health Intelligence attempts to paint a fuller picture of ‘what went wrong’ by limiting exclusions.