Don’t Forget, Take Care of the Vet

Unless more states expand income eligibility for Medicaid, 604,000 veterans might be without health coverage next year, according to a report by the Urban Institute. Researchers looked at data from the 2011–’15 National Health Interview Survey and 2013–’14 American Community Survey. They found that the uninsurance rate among nonelderly veterans fell during the early years of the ACA, and there was a noticeable improvement in access to care. “Veterans’ uninsurance declined between 2013 and 2014 in 9 of the 10 states examined, and uninsurance also fell among veterans’ family members. Declines were larger in states expanding Medicaid under the ACA than in nonexpansion states. If state Medicaid expansion decisions do not change before 2017, a projected 604,000 veterans will be uninsured in 2017, 54 percent living in nonexpansion states.”

Source: Urban Institute