Trumpcare Doesn’t Have Votes Needed To Pass

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) is being buffeted in legislative rough seas as House members prepare for a floor vote possibly this Thursday, according to the Boston Globe. It’s a numbers’ game and right now the numbers suggest that the measure won’t pass, because it’s expected to garner little (if any) Democratic votes and some GOP members vow that they’ll bolt. Those GOP lawmakers feel that the AHCA doesn’t go far enough in repealing some elements of the ACA.  

Partly in response to this, House Speaker Paul Ryan said yesterday that he wants to make some adjustments in the bill that would make it easier for older Americans to purchase health insurance.

There are other possible “dramatic” changes in the works, according to the Globe, including a mechanism that will somehow radically lower premiums, something Sen. Ted Cruz called the “central prize.”

Cruz and two other GOP conservative Senators Mike Lee and Mark Meadows huddled with President Trump at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida over the weekend.

“As of Sunday morning, the number of Republicans in Congress who have expressed serious concerns about the bill as it stands — or outright said they would vote against it — is enough to kill the bill in both chambers: 20 senators and 45 House lawmakers,” the Globe reports.

Source: Boston Globe