There’s a Way To Address Skyrocketing Health Care Costs, Says Cigna’s CEO

David Cordani argues that prevention is key; or at least one of the keys.

“We spend the majority of our money and resources addressing people once they’re sick,” Cigna’s CEO David Cordani told Business Insider (BI) in an interview last week. “We need to spend some more of our resources keeping people healthy in the first case, and identifying people who are at risk of health events and lowering those health risks.”

According to CMS, the United States will spend $5.7 trillion on health care by 2026, up from the $3.5 trillion spent last year. As BI reports: “Hospital care (31% of spending), drug prices (10% of spending) and physician and clinical services (20% of spending) are all getting more expensive.” 

Social determinants of health care has been a buzz term over the last year or so and while Cordani does not actually use the phrase, he does allude to the proposition that addressing those issues might help lower costs. He wants to see resource guides for finding health care providers, financial assistance, and local educational programs.

“We spend a lot more money on high cost intervention, as opposed to enabling the primary care physician, the geriatrician, the pediatrician, to have more resources to help to coordinate care for individuals,” Cordani told BI