Premiums To Increase Only a Little Next Year for Besieged but Resilient Obamacare

After two years of sharp premiums spikes the ACA marketplace seems to be stabilizing.

This year the national average for premium hikes in ACA health plans was a whopping 30%. Next year, according to an analysis by the AP and Avalere Health, it will dip dramatically to 3.6% across 47 states and Washington, D.C. For an individual covered under the ACA, the total average premium will be close to $600 a month before subsidies.

Furthermore, as the AP reports, “insurers also are starting to come back. Nineteen states will either see new insurers enter or current ones expand into more areas. There are no bare counties lacking a willing insurer.”

A word of caution from Chris Sloan, an Avalere director: “This is still a market that’s unaffordable for many people who aren’t eligible for subsidies.”

Also what someone pays will depend a lot on where he lives. According to the AP/Avalere analysis, premiums will either drop or increase by less than 10% in 41 states that cover about nine million beneficiaries. “Eleven of those states are expected to see a drop in average premiums. In six other states, plus Washington, D.C., premiums are projected to rise between 10% and 18%.”