States Seeing More Revenue

There are looming budgetary challenges, nonetheless, including increased spending for Medicaid.

There's a cloud in this morning’s silver lining of an article in the Wall Street Journal about many states feeling the love when it comes to revenue collections. It can be found in the article's second chart, the one titled:  “Enacted General-Fund Appropriations Changes for Some Areas.”

The one area that Managed Care’s readers would be most interested in is Medicaid. It, along with education, is one of the long-term pressures that states face as we approach the half-way mark of the fiscal year. 

The newspaper relies on data from a report by the National Association of State Budget Officers. John Hicks, the organization's executive director, tells the newspaper that revenues from personal income and sales taxes fuel the surge. The states’ personal income-tax collections grew by a median 7.9% in fiscal 2018. And general-fund collections from personal-income taxes outperformed forecasts by 3.6%.