Anthem Cites SDOH Offerings for Boost in Medicare Advantage Gains

Enrollment grows by about 14% in the first quarter compared to last year.

CMS allowed Medicare Advantage (MA) to offer richer packages this year that include in-home care, transportation to doctors, and adult day care. Health insurers have been quick to take advantage (so to speak) with Anthem being the latest to report expanded market share as one of the happy byproducts. Anthem’s total MA enrollment grew by 14% in the first quarter of this year to more than 1.1 million beneficiaries.

Gail Boudreaux, Anthem’s CEO, told financial analysts this week: “Our focus on caring for the whole person is designed to deliver better care and outcomes, reduce costs and ultimately accelerate growth. We are on track to deliver on our full-year Medicare Advantage growth target of greater than 20% and we continue to expect year-end group Medicare Advantage enrollment of nearly 200,000 members.”

This sort of success will not go unnoticed by Anthem’s rivals, as Forbes reports.

“Health insurers are screening patients for ‘food insecurity’ and ‘loneliness’ and experimenting with new benefits that deliver healthy meals or provide transportation to doctor’s appointments. By investing in new ways to address social determinants of health, insurers have said they are trying to make sure patients are getting healthcare in the right place, at the right time and in the right amount.”