California Med Board Stepping Up Investigation of Doctors Who Issue Vaccine Exemptions

Exemptions are concentrated in affluent areas of the state

The Medical Board of California, the state agency that regulates the licensing of physicians, is cracking down on doctors who issue fraudulent exemptions to the state's  vaccination laws.

One of the doctors under investigation, Kelly Sutton, has a $97 program that says it will protect children from California's vaccine mandate, according to a report yesterday by California Healthline, the part of Kaiser Health News that covers California.

There are legitimate exemptions to vaccine mandates for, for example, children with compromised immune systems because they are being treated. 

But a handful of anti-vaccine doctors in California and elsewhere have abused those exemptions.  Another doctor under investigation in California is Ron Kennedy, a psychiatrist who runs an anti-aging clinic who has written numerous vaccine exemptions. The California legislature is currently considering legislation that would tighten up the exemption rules by giving state public health officials additional authority to review exemptions.

According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, 4.812 kindergartners in California received vaccine exemptions last year. The exemptions were concentrated in relatively affluent  areas of the state, including Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties.