IBX Offering No-Membership-Fee Fitness App

Globalfit uses dynamic pricing algorithm
Peter Wehrwein

Insurers have long offered gym and fitness benefits with mixed results. Could an app help?

Independence Blue Cross apparently thinks so.

In a press release today, Philadelphia-based IBX says it is the first insurer to offer the GlobalFit Anywhere app to its members.

The app, says the press release, will give IBX members a chance to browse and select classes and workout sessions from multiple fitness providers.  Users won't pay membership or cancellation fees; instead, the pricing is pay as you go


The Global Fit website says it uses a dynamic pricing algorithm that "rebalances prices to give consumers the best possible price." 

The app also includes listings of monthly charity classes. Globalfit will donate the proceeds of those classes to not-for-profits that invest in health and wellness in underserved communities.