Iron Replacement Therapy Works for Kids, Too

18 of 25 were 'iron replete' after a single infusion

Iron deficiency is associated with worse outcomes in patients with heart failure. For adults, intravenous iron replacement therapy improves outcomes, but there is less certainty aboutthe safety and efficacy of IV iron replacemetn therapy for children. Joseph A. Spinner, MD, and his colleagues presented findings at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions meeting in Philadelphia in November that show that treatment with ferric carboxymaltose is safe, effective, and well tolerated.

They conducted a retrospective review of 42 pediatric patients with systolic health failure (most with cardiomyopathy) and iron deficiency who received IV IRT with ferric carboxymaltose. The researchers assessed the efficacy in 25 patients with available iron testing at a median of 38 days. All iron laboratory measures improved. Eighteen patients (72%) were iron replete after a single  infusion. Post-treatment  phosphorus levels dropped but not significantly. Seven patients required more than one ferric carboxymaltose infusion.