Victoza wins FDA indication reduce risk 3 cardiovascular events

Agonist liraglutide to incorporate language at the prescribing information which the medication can decrease risk for major adverse cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, stroke and cardiovascular disease in adults who have diabetes and based CVD, based on some news release in Novo Nordisk. The choice relies on results by the LEADER trial, that revealed a 1-3% reduced risk to get a 3 component endpoint of CV death, non fatal MI and non fatal stroke using liraglutide in comparison to placebo.

“Physicians have begun to rely on Victoza Being a successful treatment For lowering HbA1c, also with this new sign, they finally have the choice to settle on a diabetes drug that additionally cuts their patients' cardiovascular disease,” Anne,” senior vice president of medical, clinical and regulatory events such as Novo Nordisk, said in the discharge. “That really is fantastic news for all patients and healthcare providers which may bring much needed focus on this association between diabetes and cardiovascular disease”

“Today's news is important for countless Americans residing With type two diabetes as, even if diabetes places Vascular Institute, stated in the discharge. “More therapy choices such as Victoza that tackle crucial Facets of diabetes care outside sugar Lowering are effective to face this pervading dilemma.”