Cost of Imaging

This Analysis Analyzed financial Statistics Recorded by Florida hospitals Concerning prices, charges, and earnings associated with imaging providers. Diagnosis, stratified by cost centre, analyzed the results of bed size, ownership, education status, and rural or urban status on both indices.

The imply working charge and expense per process had been Together with of four methods, For-profit colleges had higher prices compared to non-profit and people facilities. Excepting NM, but the gap by possession Vanished when contemplating internet earnings. Operating expenditure failed to Differ by ownership bed or type size. Running cost per process is significantly Lower for CT compared to MRI. Hence, when diagnostically equal, CT is more preferable to MRI in relation to costs to bicycles. If the Price Tag Structure of non-hospital imaging are in any way like hospitals, the Profit possible for acting CT and MRI appears to be large, Which has significance to this dilemma of imaging self-referral.

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