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Health Plan 2009

Huge Challenges Cannot Be Avoided

Cooperation Gets to Heart of the Matter

Transparency Called Key To Uniting Cost Control, Quality Improvement

Reinsurers Offer Services To Keep Client Costs Down

Consumer-Directed Health Care Won't Fly

No End in Sight to Medical Inflation

Health Care Needs To Catch Up

Rise of Nonphysician Clinicians

‘A Final Underwriting Death Spiral’

Technology's Good and Ill Effects

The Enduring Problem of Rising Costs

Full contents for January 2004


Cover Story

Managing High-Cost Technology


Why Workers Choose CDHPs: Matter of Dollars and Sense

DM Standards Off and Crawling

Finding Common Ground: Where Foundations, MC Meet


Improving Oral Pharmacologic Treatment And Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Q&A with Howard J. Berman

Q&A with Howard J. Berman

Full contents for February 2004


Cover Story

Narrow Networks' Broader Vision


Wellness Program Gets On-the-Job Training

Can Transparency Save Health Care?

Safeguards Against Stockpiling Now Have Global Ramifications

Consumer-Directed Plans Begin Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Mental Health Parity's Nice, But Is Federal Bill Too Costly?


IgE-Blocking Therapy for Difficult-to-Treat Asthma: A Brief Review

Full contents for March 2004


Cover Story

Do We Really Have Best Health Care in the World?

Statin Therapy: More Than Meets the Eye?

Plans Go Directly to Patients, Describing Treatment Options

Medical Directors Find Themselves Working More Closely With Payers


A Conversation with William Rowley, MD

Full contents for April 2004


Cover Story

Care Coordination Strikes Right Chord


Depression Programs Might Provide an Edge

Pharmacist Care An Idea Whose Time Is Still Coming

Will Pay for Performance Programs Introduce a New Set of Problems?

Will Providers Seek New Contracts As Consumer-Directed Plans Grow?


Advances in Migraine Management: Implications for Managed Care Organizations


A Conversation with William R. Gold, MD, CEO Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Full contents for May 2004


Cover Story

The New Consensus Favoring IOM's Definition of Quality

Some Plans Take Advantage of Managed Medicare Redux

Health Plans Respond as Microbes Develop Resistance Techniques

Welcome to the Brave, New (Electronic) World, Doctor

P&T Committees in Position To Reduce Medication Errors

Full contents for June 2004


Cover Story

The Weight Debate

Managed Medicaid Business Might Be Worth the Difficulties

NCQA's New Online Survey Tries To Tame the Paper Tiger

Wish List: 10 Things You Want From Your PBM


Cost-effective Management of Hyperglycemia in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Using Oral Agents


Matthew Holt: Internet Pundit Thrives on the Biggest Issues

Full contents for July 2004


Cover Story

Spend Money on Healthy People!

Preparing for NCQA: What Not To Do

Navigating the Personnel Rapids: What They Never Taught You in Med School

Bad Tiered Formulary Designs Yield Poor Outcomes, High Cost

Quality Improvement

Free Database Encourages Wide Sharing of Information on Programs' Outcomes

Full contents for August 2004


Cover Story

Managed Care at the Crossroads


Employers Take Stock of Illness on the Clock

CAM Offerings Really Can Enhance Quality of Care for Some Patients

Can Physician and Health Plan Get Together Over Guidelines?


Improving Physician Attendance At Educational Seminars Sponsored By Managed Care Organizations


A Conversation with Margaret O'Kane

Full contents for September 2004


Cover Story

Not So Much of a Reach: Let Sick Pay Less for Drugs

Formulary Standards Key To E-Prescribing Success

Profitable Or Pointless? Maximize Your Conference Take-Away

Consumer-Directed Care Bets Against Human Nature

More Plans Discover Value of Health Risk Assessments

Plan Lets Ombudsman Go To Bat for Members


Evaluating New Therapies for Psoriasis

Full contents for October 2004


Cover Story

Electronic Medical Records: High Hopes Meet Harsh Reality

Military Brings Order To Formulary System

DM’s Cost-Effectiveness Doubted in CBO Report

Death of Community Rating Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Accrediting Agencies Turn Attention To Consumer-Directed Health Plans

OTC Status for Low-Dose Lovastatin Would Have Widespread Implications


Measuring Outpatient Outcomes of Emesis and Nausea Management in Pregnant Women

Full contents for November 2004


Cover Story

A Better Case for Quality: Share the Savings!

Executive Compensation Catches Up

When Your Employees Are Your Focus Group

The Weight Debate, Continued

The Role of Managed Care In Patient Safety & Error Reduction

Full contents for December 2004

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